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Winged Eyeliners and Why They are a Good Idea The winged eyeliner is an aspect that sparks interest to those who encounter it. It is a superb invention by itself . The main goal is usually to improve facial features by achieving this striking look. It has been verified as a concept that works for the time that it has been present. There is a fascination that is associated with a winged eyeliner. It stands to represent class, elegance sophistication all which should be adopted by women of present times. The symmetry of the face should provide the basis on how the procedure should be effected. Persons that have oval shaped faces may want to make a bow and let it assume an arch that points above the ears when they reach the true arch. For square shaped face individuals leading the arch to point the middle of the ear would serve them appropriately while long faced ones would be safer with a straighter bow that has the wing directed above the ear. This will be crucial in addressing the needs of many people now and in the future to come. The placement of the eyeliners on the face also has bearing on the design. Depending on whether they are close or separated the design that is used to achieve them will differ. Those that have attained ripe ages also have the privilege of having their own process that results in a winged eyeliner. The winged eyeliner is capable of giving the required highlight that you may want of your eyes. Those people who have eyeliners that exhibit close proximity qualities should refrain from over shaping to avoid loosing the angle. The best advice is to seek professional help at least until you familiarize yourself with this indispensable art.
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The process is characterized by a number of steps. The ceremony is commenced by brushing the brows. Using an appropriate instrument you may embark on the process of shaping it ensuring that you achieve the bow and wing effect. Brushing is essential as it highlights areas that may not be covered by hair allowing you to incorporate color in them. The color should only add to the effect and not overshadow the work you’ve put in.
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After achieving the desired look one may engage in shaping to rid themselves of the stray hairs. The aim should be to shape the hairs rather than to pluck them. One should be on guard to avoid instances of over shaping. The application of gel as the final touch has a role in ensuring that the look is retained. This look does not only get you the appeal that you need but has a slimming effect which is very crucial to most ladies.