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Using SEO in Buzzhive Marketing

The acronym SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

During that period when Internet was in the progress of developing, the developers wanted to optimize all collected information, organize it by algorithm approach and put them as information archive and that started the creation of SEO. 1992 to 1998 were search engine development years where the likes of Gopher, Mosaic, Wandex brought over their brand of search engine programs. SEO grew out of these developments and so, too, was the start of the World Wide Web. The use of keywords were considered as program links in the search engine box for specific information and this process became such an effective process that a ranking procedure had to be considered due to the traffic of searchers on the web pages. Potentially seeing a booming market for search engines, the World Wide Web took the initiative of opening the concept of e-commerce and internet marketing.

SEO processes the following – how search engines work, what kind of people avail of SEO, the choice of keywords typed in the search engines and which search engines are preferred by a target audience, in their marketing strategy. Optimizing a website will require constant editing of its content, HTML, and improving the coding system to increase its relevance in choosing keywords and removal of barriers to the indexing activities. Another concern was the promotion of the site which required increasing the number of back-links or inbound links.
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The leading search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, use crawlers to find pages for the search results. The reason for using crawlers is to browse the World Wide Web by indexing the contents of a website. By this crawling process, it is a fact that not all pages can be indexed because of the distance of some pages to the main directory.
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Buzzhive Marketing is one among internet advertising that makes use of SEO marketing strategy. To help a company, a business enterprise, or a brand product gets notice and interest, locally, online. Their strategy is using online marketing techniques using SEO together with offering web designing, branding, and exploiting the potential of mobile apps, so that with these strategies a client’s presence on the web will surely make a buzz. By building a company up on the website through SEO, a company’s business popularity is ranked online and this is known as link building. Building and gaining popularity and a high rank percentage on the websites is the main goal of Buzzhive for its clients. The idea of Buzzhive’s strategy is to create quality content of its client’s company image and product line such that it can succeed in drawing that kind of attention which can help not just being popular but will build up back-links that can generate the attention of target customers for the client’s company and because of the popularity can even become a viral phenomenon.